Slow Roast Leg of Lamb

We had some friends round for a delicious Sunday roast dinner. It took me almost 6 hours to make, but it was so nice to have people round for weekend food.

Serves 8

1.9kg leg lamb
2-3 onions (thinly sliced)
Thyme Sprigs
Salt & Pepper
500ml red wine



Heat the oven to gas mark 3 / 160C. Wipe the meat and season.

Put 3tbsp of Olive Oil into a frying pan and seal the lamb, cooking for  8mins and turning throughout. Remove the lamb and set aside.

On the hob in a heavy casserole dish (suitable for hob and oven) fry the onions in the olive oil/juices from the lamb, add a few sprigs of thyme and season well. Cook until softened.

Sit the lamb on top of the onion mix and pour the wine over the top. Cover the pan and cook for 4-5hrs, until the meat begins to fall apart. Remove from the oven and stand for 30mins.

Remove the lamb from the pot and cover with foil to rest. You can reduce the leftover lamb/wine jucies to make gravy, I simmered it on the hob for about 20mins, stirring occasionally, until thickened.

I served this with (click links for other recipes);

Roast Potatoes

Parsnip & Carrot Gratin

Yorkshire Puddings

Sage & Onion Stuffing

Mint Sauce

Garlic Butternut Squash Mash (1 large butternut squash peeled, chopped and boiled until soft, 2 crushed garlic cloves, small knob of butter, season and mash)

Curly Kale steamed in Vegetable Stock (steam kale in vegetable stock for 5-8mins until softened)


It was a wonderful combination of entirely home-made Sunday roast goodies!


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10 Responses to Slow Roast Leg of Lamb

  1. This recipe is great and your photo/presentation is lovely!

    • Thanks – it’s a delicious roast meat. I borrowed the photo from, that’s why there’s a caption under it, some of the photos on my blog are mine, but if I forget I add in one that represents my dish until I cook it again and remember to photograph it!

  2. Adrian Lewis says:

    Sounds delicious! Ade xxx

  3. akimynation says:

    Thanks, now im really starving. haha

  4. David says:

    Reblogged this on Inspired by David the Chef and commented:
    slow roast lamb cooked in red wine and caramelised onions a god combination – i’ve made this but added about 10oz of 100% chocolate (which thickens and adds a gloss / different flavour) 🙂

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