Homemade Pot Noodle

Inspired by flicking through a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recipe book and my love of kilner jars, I decided to make us a pot noodle lunch. I think it’s best to keep it easy and fresh, so I chose to make it veggie.

Dried Thin Egg Noodles
Splash of Soy Sauce
Dash of Sweet Chili Sauce
1/2 tsp Five Spice
Dash of Sesame Oil
Salt & Pepper
Carrot (grated)
Courgette (grated)
Red Pepper (finely chopped)
Mushroom (chopped)

Add some chili for extra spice

Pop all the ingredients in a kilner jar, I put the noodles in the bottom so they would sit in the hot water, then sauces and spices, then carrot, pepper, courgette and mushroom so they could steam.

Boil the kettle and pour over enough water to cover the noodles, at least halfway up the jar, leave for 5-6 mins and then stir and tuck in! Do not seal the jar but make sure the top is covered.

You can use any ingredients you want, but I found it best to keep the vegetables thin / chopped small so they slightly cook / steam but are still nicely crunchy. I think spinach, spring onion and anything you can grate or chop finely would be ideal. It’s a nice lunch to take into work, as all you need to add is boiling water.


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2 Responses to Homemade Pot Noodle

  1. Jennifer says:

    These sound delicious and easy to make!

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