Matilda at Cambridge Theatre, London

My Mum took me to see Matilda at Cambridge Theatre in London, as an early birthday present. I loved it and have wanted to see it for over a year!!

There are some details in my Tim Minchin post from last year, Tim co-wrote the musical with Dennis Kelly, which first ran at Stratford-upon-Avon before moving to the West End, the songs and lines are brilliant, very entertaining. All the actors and actresses were extremely well cast. Paul Kaye was my favourite of the cast, he was really well suited to the role of Matilda’s Dad; Harry Wormwood, a second-hand car salesman.

The set and the staging were incredible; different sized scrabble style tiles with various colours and fonts for each letter, made up words spelt out in all directions all around the stage.

Each set was made up of hollow cubes that slid in from either side of the stage to meet in the middle. There were the school gates which the cast climbed and pushed letter cubes through while singing an amusing song about the alphabet. The library shelves which had sections spelling out ‘Shush’, ‘Quiet’ and ‘Silence’. The Wormwood’s house made up of squares of gaudy green wallpaper and a fire with ‘soot’ written in it. Miss Trunchbull’s office with shelves full of CCTV screens and trophies.

Here is the trailer for the musical, I hope you enjoy it, I highly recommend going to see it!


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