Paneer Dhal

After our Thali I had some leftover paneer, so I decided to make some Dhal with it.

Serves 2-4

200g Red Lentils
1 tbsp Oil
1 Garlic Clove (crushed)
1 tsp fresh root Ginger (grated)
1/2 Red Onion (chopped)
1 Courgette (chopped)
1 Pepper (chopped)
2 tsp Garam Masala
200ml Coconut Milk
200g Paneer (cut into 2cm cubes)
100g Baby Spinach (chopped)
Coriander Leaves

Rinse the lentils then boil for about 10mins, then drain. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a pan and gently cook the garlic, ginger, onion and garam masala for 2-3 mins, stir through the courgette and pepper.

Add the coconut milk and the lentils to the pan with the vegetables and simmer for 5-10 mins.

Put the paneer cubes on a foil-lined baking tray and grill for 5 mins on high, turn once, remove once golden.

Stir the spinach into the lentil mix and cook gently until wilted.

Divide between bowls, top with the paneer and scatter over coriander – serve with rice and naan bread. Yum!

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