Selby’s Halloumi & Mango Delight

Beautiful Jenny kindly wrote down one of Tim Selby‘s finest food creations and sent it to me on my birthday (a marvellous & unique gift). It is a surprisingly delicious concoction, which we have eaten regularly since March. I wanted to share this recipe far and wide with friends and family, so Tim’s crazy kitchen antics can live on for years to come – enjoy!

Serves 2-3

2 ripe and very juicy Mangoes
Handfuls of fresh Coriander
A brave amount of fresh Red Chili
A tiny bit of Garlic
Red Peppers
Squeezed Lime
Anything else that takes your fancy when browsing the herb and spice rack (usually somebody else’s cupboard!)

Slice up the halloumi into thick pieces and fry in a teeny bit of oil until it starts to go golden.

Add in the (chopped) chili, garlic and (sliced) red peppers.

Slice up your mangoes into juicy chunks and let it all sizzle away in the pan. Once it has begun to juice up a bit, squeeze in some lime.

Roughly chop loads of coriander and stir into the pan until it is wilted down into the curry.

Serve with coconut rice.

Tim’s Tip; Be slap dash and don’t wash up after!


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2 Responses to Selby’s Halloumi & Mango Delight

  1. mike says:

    Have Truffle Hunter tell me on Thursday night what the Halloumi is! Would love to try this recipe!

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