A letter to Tim Selby Barraud

Timothy Selby Barraud 5th June 1989 – 26th December 2011.

Dearest Tim,

To me you will always be a gentleman, an eccentric, a charmer, a rascal, an adventurer, a creative, a chatterbox, a free spirit. Witty, capable, unconventional, energetic, a storyteller…a storymaker, flighty and free, truly unique and beyond comparison.

From the moment I met you I was dazzled, even at 14 you were stunning. The most polite, big hearted and engaging teenager I’d ever encountered and I was captivated. I was enthralled watching you grow into an independent individual young man of great character.

Not someone who was easily influenced, someone with great respect, especially for your family and ever changing dynamics. I can only share my opinion on how they shaped you. You got your wit and your laidback nature from your Dad, with a little help from your brothers along the way. Your confidence and strength from your Mum, one of the strongest women I know. Your thirst for knowledge, compassion, active mind and imagination from your brothers Adam and Pete. Your youthfulness and energy kept alive by your youngest brother Josh and your nieces Jocelyn, Phoebe and Eliza. Rachel helped develop your caring nature and kept you involved in Josh’s football career. Claire and I became the sisters you didn’t have in your childhood and I hope we did the best we could for you.

You came to me for a listening ear, advice and cuddles when you needed it and I hope I always provided the support you wanted. If there was trouble, Adam and I were to get you out of it, shield you from the consequences, give advice or just listen to an extravagant tale about your latest antics.

You stayed with us regularly in Bristol and were a pleasure to have around, despite your haphazard washing up, cooking, mess making and sleeping skills. You were our crazy housekeeper (of sorts!) for the odd week here and there, you did little but argue with Edgar, fill the hallway with numerous pairs of shoes, leave the TV on 24-7, but you brought endless joy and laughter. Always staying longer than anticipated but never outstaying your welcome.

I am proud to call you my brother and one of my best friends. Always loving and lovable, always caring and cared for. You showed me that anything could be achieved and nothing was out of your grasp. The sense of purpose, achievement and curiosity instilled in you overwhelmed me.

We didn’t have enough time, there was so much more for us to share. Adam and I were looking forward to our summer with you, the sunshine that brightened, warmed and enriched our lives.

We have spent a lot of time lately doing some of the things you loved, we played scrabble and walked McGinty in your honour. I will think of you during every scrabble game, whenever we see your favourite dog, every time I drink Red Bull, every ball sport I encounter, every time I wear bright coloured socks, every time I look at Ads.

RIP Tim, the tallest biggest kid I know. I love you so much and am glad I got to tell you that. I will miss you forever. xxx

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3 Responses to A letter to Tim Selby Barraud

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  2. Adrian Lewis says:

    Now, in Jan 2013, I’d like to echo the thoughts above – I still feel exactly the same about your post and about my response. Take good care of yourselves! Ade xxx

    • Thank you Ade, I really appreciate your comments and thoughts. I am so glad I wrote this letter to Tim, it certainly helped clear my mind and I do like to reflect on my Tim related scribbling every so often. Nao xx

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