Banana, Melon & Orange Smoothie

I made a delicious smoothie with some overripe fruit today, it was so tasty and a great way to stop waste of inedible fruit.

2 Bananas
1 small Yellow Melon
4 Oranges
2 tsp honey
6 ice cubes

Peel all the fruit then chuck all the ingredients in a blender (ours has a special juicer bit that catches all the pith from the oranges).


This is a very thick mixture, so if you prefer it a bit thinner, you can add more ice or water.

Pour into 2 pints glasses and consume happily!


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2 Responses to Banana, Melon & Orange Smoothie

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    And there was me thinkin’ that this Smoothie thing was all about me! xxx

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