Nick Veasey – X-Ray

Nick Veasey is a British photographer, the majority of his work creates images from X-ray’s. He has received many photographic and design awards, he claims to be responsible for creating the largest X-ray to date, of a Boeing 777 jet at Logan Airport, Boston.

X-ray images on his website cover a range of topics; Plants, People, Machines, Insects, Objects, Fashion, Toys, Aquatic and Animals. They are both simplistic and detailed, the X-rays create depth and interest, portraying things as they would not normally be seen, Veasey states his creations “…are a perfect example of the fusion between science and art.”


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2 Responses to Nick Veasey – X-Ray

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Hi Nao – this is very different and very good! Good slideshow! Adrian

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