Rescued Tube Cat

I love cats, I’m willing to admit that, so I was really touched when I discovered this heart-warming story about a homeless man and his rescued cat, as our moggie Edgar is rescue cat.

A Big Issue seller who has a pitch outside Angel Tube station in London, found a stray cat with an injured leg, he kindly took the cat along to an animal shelter to get it fixed up. When the cat was healed, the shelter told him to take the cat with him, so he did!

The cat (named Bob) became very attached to its rescuer and would follow the man everywhere, the man gave up trying to get the cat to stay home and allowed it to come with him! Bob now sits outside the station while the man sells copies of the Big Issue.

Alexey Kovalev interviewed his owner outside Angel Tube (see video below). Bob happily poses for photos, while guarding his owners belongings.


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5 Responses to Rescued Tube Cat

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Wonderful story! A (who does still have a beard…..) xxx

  2. mike says:

    Cat’s know who likes them.. My big orange cat, Rocky, showed up one day in the backyard on the cliff and once I took him in and feed him, he became like a dog following me everywhere. He’s my best friend and when he dies, I’ll have to as well.

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