Sweet Chili Sauce

I decided to make up some sweet chili sauce as we use it a lot, it’s a very easy recipe!


1/2 Pineapple or small tin (chopped)

3-4 Red Chillies (halved & deseeded)

100g Caster Sugar

100ml White or Rice Vinegar

100ml Water


Place all the ingredients in a pan. Bring to the boil, then leave to simmer for 30 mins. Cool the contents of the pan, then place in a food processor and blend until smooth. Return the sauce to the pan and cook for about 20mins, until slightly sticky.


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2 Responses to Sweet Chili Sauce

  1. Jar Of Salt says:

    Because of this recipe, I now know what to do with the heaping leftover chili that in the fridge before it goes dry 🙂 I always end up throwing most of them away but since I love good chili sauce, I’m going to experiment with this in the next few days. Here’s the One Lovely Blog award, just to say thank you for sharing your kitchen ideas and mouthwatering recipes with us! http://jarofsalt.com/2012/05/12/grateful-fridays-one-lovely-blog-award/ Happy weekend 🙂

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