Wedding Project 3; Cake Bunting

We decided to decorate our three wedding cakes with mini bunting, so I set about making some to use.

Colourful / Flowery Fabric
Waxy Thread
Needle & Thread
Pinking Shears
Wooden Skewers

I cut out fabric triangles using pinking shears. For the two 12″ cakes I’m using 14″” of thread and 6 flags and for the smaller 10″ cake I’m using 12″ of thread and 5 flags, so it will hang right.

Lay out at least 16″ of thread and sew a mixture of inch wide triangles with small gap in between.

Once you have a string of bunting, tie to the skewers at the top and they are ready to be stuck in the cake. The bunting looked really great on the cakes, I will attach more photos soon.

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  1. Some extra photos of the final pieces can be found on my good friend/photographer’s blog here;

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