Wedding Project 2; Cake Toppers

I was inspired by bthanari’s shop on etsy, to create our own personalised wedding cake toppers.

I have included a picture of the one that inspired me in particular (above) and below you can see our finished product.

I got two wooden peg people and drew / painted on the faces and hair, then Adam drilled holes in the bodies, which I used to push through wire arms which I wrapped in wool. Adam cut his toppers bottom half off and replaced it with two screws for legs to give it extra height.

Using offcuts from getting my dress and Adam’s suit altered, I created miniature versions of our clothes by sewing and gluing them to the toppers, with lots of detail and added extras!! I made a necklace from small beads and elastic and a bouquet from paper flowers and leaves, wrapped in ribbon.

Adam cut the oval base from some plywood, which I covered with fake moss from a model shop and some extra paper flowers and leaves for added decoration. Then I glued both figures to the base.

I made my topper in secret so Adam wouldn’t see my dress before our big day, the first he saw of both toppers together was on our delicious cakes at our tea party lunch. I think they are pretty cute and amusing and it was fun making our own personal wedding versions of ourselves.

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2 Responses to Wedding Project 2; Cake Toppers

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    You’re very talented! FATman BO

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