Wedding Project 4; Fabric & Ribbon Pinboard

I wanted to make a noticeboard to attach the table setting lists and menu to, for our wedding tea party. So I bought a corkboard and decided to cover it with fabric and decorate it with ribbon, I wanted it to have a vintage look to it.

59cm x 39cm Noticeboard
60cm x 40cm Thick Wadding
Staple Gun & Staples
75m x 55cm Fabric
3-5m Ribbon

I laid the wadding over the noticeboard with a slight overhang so the edges/corners would not stick out sharply through the fabric. I then laid the fabric over this and turned the three parts over onto the other side, so I was able to pull the fabric tightly around the back.

Folding the corners over the back, first I stapled each corner in place, then worked my way down the sides, one at a time. I found it easiest to staple into the cork rather than the wooden frame.

Once the fabric was tightly stapled in place I measured lengths of ribbon to criss cross the front of the board, the ends of each length of ribbon were stapled in place on the back…the style of the board worked really well on the day and added the perfect vintage look.

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