Wedding Project 1; Cake Stands

I was inspired by reading this wonderful blog called bee in our bonnet and decided to make the stands for our wedding cakes, with Adam’s help of course!

We collected all the wooden parts we needed from Bristol Wood Recycling Project. We got a large sheet of plywood (for the top), three banister posts (for the post), two pieces of thick pine (for the base) and some trim (for decoration). We bought some long screws (75mm) to use top and bottom to hold the structure together, some thin short panel pins to tack on the trim, wood glue and some white wood paint for the finish.

We cut two pieces of ply to 14″x14″ and one to 12″x12″ to make sure they were big enough for our two 12″ and one 10″ cakes. We cut down the posts to 7″ for the 12″ tallest stand, 6″ for the medium height 14″ stand and 5″ for the shortest 14″ stand. Finally we cut the pine to make a two step base – the two large bases were 6″ with 5″ on top and the smallest base was 5″with 4″ on top.

We sanded down all the parts and wiped them with white spirit to get the dust off. We drilled pilots holes into both ends of the posts and platforms to make sure the screws stayed central. Then we put a spot of glue on each parts and screwed them together to make sure the structure was solid.

We chose trim to match each stand separately and glued them to the edges of the top of the stands, with some small panel pins to tack these on in the right place.

We gave each stand one last sand, once the glue was dry and gave them two coats of antique white wood paint. We were really pleased with the finished stands, I will attach more photos soon.

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