A-Z Photography; Alphabet Project

While in Perth, Australia in April 2013, we set about completing a photography project. We explored different areas of Perth and collected photos of capital letters, making sure they were portrait and the letter filled the frame.

It was a lot of fun and really made us look at the area differently, we were surprised at how many signs, shops and areas had letters we could use.

Here is our completed joint product, with a tiny amount of photoshop editing to make sure the letters were as good as we could get them.

This photo alphabet hangs in our Son’s bedroom and he thoroughly enjoys hearing us recite the alphabet while pointing to the letters, I hope his thirst for words and reading continues.



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2 Responses to A-Z Photography; Alphabet Project

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Very varied – and a good idea hanging it in his room. Yes, let’s hope he’s going to be big on words and books. A

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