Purton Hulks, Gloucester

We recently went on a wonderful photography adventure to Purton Hulks in Gloucester (GL13 9HU). It was a beautiful crisp winter’s day and we had a muddy but delightful walk along the Severn Estuary, snapping away at the sunken barges beached on the shore.

google satellite image

There are roughly 80 barges and ships, making Purton Hulks the largest ship graveyard in Britain. For over 100 years the vessels were purposely beached, to shore up the Sharpness Canal against erosion from tidal flow of the River Severn, this continued until 60 odd years ago.

The site is protected and preserved by Friends of Purton. The ships / barges are mostly made of concrete, steel or wood, they are fascinating and the way nature has ravaged them gives the barges stunning mossy or rusty exteriors.

Here are some photos I took along the way that I’m particularly pleased with;

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8 Responses to Purton Hulks, Gloucester

  1. Cool photos. I’d have wanted to take a piece of wood home for the fireplace mantle…… where there no flowers or weeds in bloom at the time?

    • Hi Mike, thanks – glad you like them. I know what you mean, the textures of the wood were incredible, however it’s a protected site so would have felt bad pocketing anything! It was very grassy and muddy, as it was January there wasn’t much growing – although we did spot some snow drops along the river on our way back.

  2. Adrian Lewis says:

    Hi Nao, glad you’re getting over the lurgy! I like these photos, especially the one that is one up from the bottom – excellent shot! A place that I ought to visit I think. Ade xxx

    • I thought you’d like that one – predictably predictable – a good quality my friend!!

      You should DEFINITELY visit – you would really enjoy it – maybe we could meet there, I’d love to go again when the weather is better and there’s more plant life!

  3. This place is excellent for Black and white images. I have been a couple of times. The guided walks are worth going on as the place is steeped with history. Never been where the light has been really favourable,heading there next week so here’s hoping.

  4. Malcolm Alexander says:

    Great shots of the woodwork. Is there a better time of day to be there, say next week. Just thinking if the tide makes any difference or not?


    • Thank you. I haven’t heard that the tide makes a difference, the water was pretty low when we visited and that was around lunchtime. I hope you enjoyed your trip. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, I have been away.

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