Walking Roller Coaster – “Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain”

The walking roller coaster is officially called “Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain”, it opened to the public in November 2011, reaching heights of 21 metres. It’s located on top of a hill in Anger Park, Duisburg, Germany, with a stunning view of the Rhine.

Hamburg artists Heike Mutter and Urlich Genth designed this sculpture using zinc-plated steel and LED lights. The curved stairs mimic the classic shapes of a roller coaster. Led-lights on the handrails and stairs make the sculpture accessible at night.

Visitors can climb onto the sculpture where it meets the ground, but a loop-the-loop at the centre means you are unable to walk a full circuit. The highest point of the sculpture is 45 metres above ground, where there is a beautiful view over the landscape.


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