Wonderful Wedding Gifts

We are so grateful for the beautiful, generous gifts & cards we received from our family and friend’s for our wedding…there are a few that stand out and those are the very personal / home-made ones, I won’t mention names – you know who you are. They mean so much for the time and effort put into making them and as a huge fan of making things myself, I know what is involved in these creative projects.

In particular I would like to credit our friend Eddie’s fine upholstering of a wing back chair for us. We chatted through some ideas with him, along the lines of a patchwork design, he suggested that we have different fabric for each section, some of which we provided for him and the rest he supplied. The finished chair is a triumph and we are both so pleased with Eddie’s work, astonishingly wonderful!



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2 Responses to Wonderful Wedding Gifts

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    I love the look of the chair! Not feeling very well today. First Ade xxx

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