Chips – easy way to make your own!



We never buy chips…we always make our own – so tasty and easy!.


Potatoes (you can use sweet potatoes – they do cook quicker though!)


Put an oiled baking tray (shallow trays tend to get crispier results) into the oven at 200C / Gas 7.

Cut the potatoes into the shape you want – wedges / chips and dry them off (this helps avoid them sticking to the tray). Once the oven / oil is hot, add the chips to the baking tray. Cover with salt and pepper.

You can add garlic (crushed bulbs in their skin to stop them burning) or any herbs you like – rosemary is a good choice or Taco Mix, whatever you like on your chips!

Cook for 40-60mins depending on thickness of chips, turn every 15mins to stop them sticking.

Goes well with Steak Dinner! Enjoy!

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