Puff Pastry Pizza Pie

Very easy recipe to put together and serve with salad / pasta / new potatoes – very summery!

Makes 6 mini pizzas

1 pack of frozen Puff Pastry
Tomato Sauce
Splash of Milk / Beaten Egg

Toppings (slice thinly so they cook through)
Cherry Tomatoes

Roll out the pastry and leave to stand.

Cut the pastry into six rectangles, gently score a border about 1cm from the edge of each, then score lines to help the pastry rise around the edges. Brush with milk or beaten egg.

Meanwhile make the Tomato Sauce recipe, once reduced it can be thinly spread onto pastry.

Add any topping you want but spread thinly. Add cheese on top.

Place each pizza with enough space to rise on greaseproof paper on a baking sheet. Bake at 200C / Gas 7 for 30mins until edges are risen and golden.

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2 Responses to Puff Pastry Pizza Pie

  1. Puff & Pie says:

    I would like to ask you something, Can I ?
    Well, Is there any way to make puffs more soft and can keep for long days around 15days? Its a question from my customer. Why our product expire soon?
    Puff & Pie usually stay long? But how long? have any idea?

    • I’ve had a look into this, to be honest I’m not sure. Maybe if you part bake it then it may last longer…guess it’s a case of experimenting? Good luck! Would love to know if you find a way of doing it.

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