DIY Project 2; A Lamp Made From a Coat Stand

Project Two…when we moved I had a coat stand which there was no place for in our new house so I decided to make it into a lamp for the lounge.

2 x Pendant lampshade
4m Electrical flex
Lamp holder (for bulb)
Metal Wire
Coat stand

I bought two lampshades like below

and took one and attached the smaller section from the other to it, to make a tiered lampshade (see finished product).


Next I unscrewed the top hooks and turned them upside down then reattached them, this way the lampshade would sit on top of the stand.

Then, I fed the electrical flex through the centre of the stand and once I could work on the ends, I wired on the plug to the bottom of the wire and the bulb attachment to the top. I pulled the wire through so the bulb attachment sat flush in the top of the stand.

Next I used some metal wire to make a holder for the lampshade, once fixed in place the coat stand lamp was complete!


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