Early Christmas Present!

This is a bit of a two for one post… I have been saving for a new camera for a while and wanted to buy one where I had the opportunity to manipulate the settings and learn about aperture, ISO, lenses, shutter speed, white balance, etc, etc. So on Friday I collected the shiny new exciting camera

photo digicamreview.com

What a beauty! The Olympus EPL1 is a Micro Four Thirds system created by Olympus for mirrorless interchangeable lens digital cameras design. Micro Four Thirds shares the image sensor size and specification with the established Four Thirds system, designed for digital single-lens reflex cameras, but does not provide space for a mirror and a pentaprism, allowing for a smaller body.

On Saturday we ventured to Westonbirt Arboretum for the Enchanted Christmas Illuminated Trail and I tested what I could of the Olympus EPL1. The snow, trees and lights looked stunning and i captured some photos I am really pleased with. My old compact camera was frustrating to use and I often felt disappointed that I could not portray an image that was close enough to what my eyes could see, hopefully the more i use my new camera the more I will learn and be able to be creative and capture what i am enjoying.

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2 Responses to Early Christmas Present!

  1. CDS says:

    I’ve just bought one and took some great shots today, love your pics

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