Edgar, the fuzzy feline with too much love to give

We bought our house in December 2009 and had decided we would get a pet as soon as possible (once the major work was complete). Adam is a dog person and I’ve always owned cats, he had a childhood pet cat called Zulu and needless to say was completely put off cats. However I persuaded him a cat would be best for our current lifestyle, as they are much less responsibility than a dog and promised our next pet would be of the dog variety!

Back in May we visited Bath RSPCA and fell for a little black fuzzy feline the first time we set eyes on him, he was very vocal and friendly, letting us stroke him instantly and he practically leapt into my arms straight away. This little rescue cat certainly put on a show and definitely knew how to sell himself!

Before – scrape on his nose, chunk out of his ear – a real street cat look about him!

Two weeks later we were delighted to collect Edgar from Bath and bring him back to his new home. To begin with he was particularly fond of hiding in the shoe rack, but he came out fairly swiftly when called and was keen for attention. Each day he became more confident and still follows us everywhere. He also became more playful and into everything, a big soppy kitten.

After 4 weeks we let him outside with us in the garden, although he had enough confidence to scoot off down the wall joining all the terrace houses and out of sight, he soon came back looking worried! Edgar now seems to have found his place in the local cat area (after a few scraps and nursing his bruised ego) and decided he’s best off only going out when necessary and spends every moment with us when we’re home. He’s an incredibly sociable cat and is complimented on his friendliness and keenness to get strokes by everyone he meets. He’s got into routine and first thing most mornings he meows at our door asking for breakfast. He does love his food and never leaves a crumb!

After – groomed and shiny coat, purring in delight, prince of the palace!

We have had some funny moments in the few months we’ve had Edgar and kind of wish we’d renamed him Houdini (it’ll have to be his nickname) with his disappearing and reappearing tricks!

We had a fright on the first morning – we searched every possible place for him, high and low for 20mins, all the places he hid the night before, then we looked again, nothing, we started to get worried. I put food down to tempt him out…nothing!! Finally I thought of one last place to look and there he was, he’d managed to open a kitchen cupboard door and get into the cupboard under the sink, he came out covered in dust – a white headed black cat! He wasn’t scared of us but became frightened when left alone, so he came out when I opened the door and called him and I gave him a cuddle. Funny little chap!

Before we fitted the cat flap he was so keen to get outside one night that he jumped out of the open upstairs bathroom window, he must have balanced precariously on the window ledge and jumped the 2-3 metres down to the shed roof, then he was away! I came downstairs in the morning, surprised not to be greeted by Edgar asking for breakfast and there he was, sat outside the kitchen window, wet from the rain and pleased to be let in. A few mornings – desperate to see us – he’s managed to let himself into our bedroom, using the door handle to open the closed door!! He’s a smart kitty!

We are lucky that Edgar is a bit of both cat and dog. Like a dog he comes when he’s called and follows us around from room to room, he plays like a dog – clumsy and without grace, hardly ever using his claws – thrashing around and often running straight into things, we’ve even taught him to play fetch, he licks our faces and rolls over for you to rub his belly. Like a cat he will do as he pleases and sit where he likes, when he likes, he’ll pounce on unsuspecting prey and has a great talent for fly catching. He loves any attention from being brushed, to sitting on laps and prefers to be carried around, he is the most laidback cat ever and he is the perfect cat/dog combination for our needs.

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