Looking back – Mulled Cider – the perfect Autumn warmer!

photo divinetabledesigns.com

After a mid October Sunday spent at Middle Farm for their annual cider festival, I was reunited with my favourite west country tipple (despite being in Sussex!) I had abstained from drinking cider for five weeks and this was a welcome reunion celebration for me! We soaked up the atmosphere and danced to the wonderful Carnival Collective. A friend of ours is (for me the best) part of this huge band and this was our first experience of one of their amazing live performances – truly magnificent, the bands energy and vibrant sounds and colours were tangible.

As well as a great day out and plenty of cider i discovered a mulled cider recipe, I can’t claim this as my own, despite creating some variations, due to my spice cupboard not being fully stocked, the day mulled cider drinking was a necessary autumn evening activity.

Click here for Mulled Cider recipe

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