Matti Braun Gost Log Exhibition

On 6th January we managed to catch Matti Braun’s Gost Log exhibition at Arnolfini in Bristol on the very last day of it’s 3 month run.

It was a beautiful experience, I really enjoyed this unusual interactive exhibition. Stepping from log to log, some sturdy and large, others unsteady, small or too far to reach. The artist aimed for participants to create their own pathways through his work and it was wonderful to watch people hopping, stepping and jumping through the room.

With the help of firemen in Bristol, Braun set up his exhibition in one of the rooms in the gallery. HERE are some pictures showing how this was achieved. A 9 metre 150 year old Douglas fir tree felled at Westonbirt Arboretum, was turned into stepping stones that appeared to float on 20,000 litres of water pumped by the fire service into the first floor space at Arnolfini.

The Arnolfini website states that Braun’s “…central work in the exhibition is “R.T/S.R./V.S.”, a project about an unrealised film by the renowned Bengali filmmaker Satyajit Ray entitled The Alien. While Ray’s film was eventually abandoned after negotiations with Hollywood producers, rumours say that the script became later the basis for Spielberg’s classic E.T. Braun recreated the opening scene of the film as a spatial environment – a dark and shimmering lake in the exhibition space, which can be crossed over via logs, cut from a Douglas fir at Westonbirt Arboretum.”

Below are some photographs I took of the exhibition;




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3 Responses to Matti Braun Gost Log Exhibition

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Oh I do like these pictures, Nao, and what an interesting exhibit! Your top photo here is very striking indeed – I could easily live with that on the wall.

    And the 5th one down, if you cropped out the ceiling fitments at the top (well where else is the ceiling going to be???!) and perhaps rotated it 90 degrees clockwise >>> that would make an intriguing abstract. Good stuff! Ade

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