Photomarathon Competition

As a fun day out / adventure, Adam and I decided to challenge each other to a photomarathon competition. We each chose ten words, then from each others lists we chose five and mixed them up to make a final list of ten words. Each word would be a topic / theme for the photomarathon. Our final list is;


Here are the rules;

  • Only one photo for each topic, meaning we could not take a load and pick the best. Also that you put in some extra thought and have to be aware of your camera settings before each photo.
  • Photos must be taken in order of the list.
  • 3hrs allotted time to take all photo’s.

Then we asked family and friends to pick their favourites, one from each topic and then an overall favourite photo. We asked them to choose photos based on personal preference, as well as judging them on the quality of the photo AND its relation to the topic. All the photo’s were anonymous to make the judging fair.

Below are my entries

Overall, Adam won most votes – highest votes in feature, I won most popular favourite for disruption and expanse!


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