Varkala Fishermen – Kerala, India

The people we encountered during our trip were friendly and keen to say hello and ask our names. They were always happy to help, even if they didn’t know the answers to our questions, which lead to a few instances of being sent in four different directions when asking how to get somewhere, because most of the locals would rather give any answer than say they don’t know! India compared to other countries we’ve visited, felt very safe and a happy place to be.

It was so interesting watching a large group of over 30 men tug tirelessly on two ropes for hours, making piled coils at the end of their heaving, chanting rows.

Eventually the land based fishermen got the huge net into the break, noisily they dragged it to shore, it pulsated with tiny silver glinting fish as they pushed and pulled it further up the beach.

Then more shouting and negotiating as they split the catch amongst those who hauled in the net, although the group seemed to have doubled by this point, as they divvy up the fish between them.

Once the shouting and bargaining was complete and the catch split, a man pushed his bicycle up a pathway, a plastic bag of fish, full and tied, balanced on the back. I wonder if a day’s catch split by 30 plus men is worth this huge and tiring effort – it must be!




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  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Good stuff, Nao – good pics and good words. FATman

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