Backwaters of Alleppey – Kerala, India

The backwaters from Alleppey are stunning and the scenery is breath taking, we enjoyed two night’s stay on a huge houseboat, for just the two of us. I think the shape and texture of the boats can be likened to a wasps nest, they look papery and fragile but cosy and warm.


We were treated to the sights of everyday life, the locals going about their business. The waters are invaluable to the people that live alongside them, they wash themselves, their clothes, their dishes and their animals in the water outside their homes, everything and everyone in there together. It’s quite a sight and integral to their daily lives.




Watching the sunset from our boat was incredible, as the evening set in the waters and surrounding villages became quieter, I guess everyone was settling in for dinner before the light completely vanished. It was a really peaceful and serene time of day on the backwaters.



We had a couple of chances to get our feet back on land during our trip and I captured this image of a telegraph pole, in the middle of a paddy field at sunset, the lines and deep colours really give it a warm feel. Moments later a huge storm blew in that had been threatening all afternoon and we dashed back to the boat for shelter and dinner.


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2 Responses to Backwaters of Alleppey – Kerala, India

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Nice post, Nao! Good pictures, and good writing supporting them – the whole thing is very pleasant to read and look through. FATman

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