Ignacio Torres – Stellar Collection

Ignacio Torres was born in the border city of El Paso, Texas, he lives and works in New York. He is currently working on projects exploring youth, identity and scientific theories using photography, animated gifs and video. His most recent work “Stellar” is fascinating

Below are some gifs Ignacio has created that I particularly like.


Adam’s Brother recently bought us a Nishika N8000 film camera. Using its four lenses, four images from slightly different viewing angles can be taken simultaneously. The images are half the size of the usual 35mm image frames, each 3D photograph uses the space of 2 full 35mm exposures on the film. So a roll of 36 exposures will last for 18 3D pictures with four images each.

The images can then be layered to create a 3D photo and can be edited on a computer to create a gif. So we may soon have a gif collection of our own to share.


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