Christmas Treats

Our First Christmas together and in our own home was absolutely incredible. We had salmon and scrambled eggs on muffins with bucks fizz for breakfast, then opened all our presents. Excitingly Adam proposed mid morning, then we had a post engagement Christmas dinner of duck, redcurrant sauce, rosemary & garlic roast potatoes, honey & cumin carrots & parsnips, pigs in blankets, sprouts & bacon and stuffing washed down with two bottles of cava, then a well deserved chocolate filled rest!

Very happy times! I was utterly spoilt by Adam, family and friends. To pick my favourites on top of my gorgeous engagement ring, I was particularly pleased with the following;


A lovely Moroccan lantern for tealights, which will go beautifully with the intended Moroccan theme when we redecorate our dining room.

A quirky owl cushion, which compliments the fabrics and style of our lived in library look, in our lounge.


Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ DVD, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I love Tim Burton films and after reading Alice in Wonderland again recently, his Gothic interpretation was exactly what I wanted to see.


Toy Story 3 – I really have a soft spot for animation and the third of these Pixar films was as good as the rest, a real winner. I also got Adam ‘Up’ which is another superb Pixar film. We almost have a complete collection!


I also got a lot of books, which I will write about once I’ve read them and other treats which I’m really pleased with.

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